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Entry #7

Fuck ChrisG

2014-08-11 21:37:01 by Omega

That is all4352610_140780741031_ChrisG.png


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2014-08-11 22:22:39

Robin Williams was the best actor.... And by the way I love your stuff! If you want sometime you can checkout some of my art work... And yes there cartoons and there not the best, but I promised in one of my comments that I will be posting better art soon. What I mean by that is funny art work.


2014-08-11 22:32:57

says chrisG, the guy who cries his way through tournaments


2014-10-01 18:29:23

It's too bad that he killed himself, but seriously?! Have a little respect for him, ChrisG! He was a great actor, and he took his own life because of severe depression. He deserves some sympathy!


2015-01-09 19:33:21

happy birthday buddy